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Abracadabra ~ MtQBwY Potion

Abracadabra ~ MtQBwY Potion

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The ABRACADABRA MtQBwY Potion was crafted with the intention of providing healing for those who wish to ward off illness. The winter is coming and I want to supply you with your front line of defense!

As opposed to considering this ancient word for its connection to incantations for magicians, the intended use for this potion reminds us of abracadabra as a charm with the ability to help diminish symptoms relative to fevers and common colds.

Looking into the etymology of abracadabra, it points us to many places, as far back as the 2nd century, and having relations to Hebrew, Aramaic, and Latin words. Some of our Harry Potter fans out there will even recognize abracadabra by the familiar killing curse "Avada kedavra." J.K. Rowling herself explained that it connected to the original phrase "let the thing be destroyed."

This word was suggested like a prescription, to be written on paper repeatedly, each time with the final letter being removed until just the 'A' remains. As the word became shorter, illness would also decrease.
Furthermore, the 11 letter word was also inscribed in its now familiar downward facing triangle shape upon amulets that should be worn around the neck for 9 days, resulting in a cured patient by the morning of the 10th day.


(1) Blend of certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils + other synergistic ingredients bound together to support the process of healing.

(1) Handpicked Nephrite Jade crystal to accompany this limited custom blend. Intended to provide a tangible talisman that one can carry with them anytime.


Contains Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils:
~ DDR PRIME (The oil of transformation; aids in transmuting toxic energy into a repaired, vital, and healthy state.)
~ OREGANO (Oil of non-attachment; a strong, powerful, and very potent oil that is highly anti-fungal/anti-parasitic/antibacterial, and antiviral.)
~ TURMERIC (The oil of sacred earth; extremely anti-inflammatory oil that cleanses our energy field and promotes self-assurance.)
~ PINK PEPPER (Oil of encouragement; warms the body, intensifies the potency of other oils, and wards off negativity.)
~ ARBORVITAE (The oil of divine grace; coming straight from "the tree of life," it draws us away from a fearful state to that of one of trust and surrender with its grounding aroma.)
~ COPAIBA (Oil of unveiling; shakes up suppressed emotion to help us transform guilt, shame, and unworthiness, so that we can bring clarity to our purpose; whole-body healing.)
~ MELALEUCA (The oil of energetic boundaries; this highly antiseptic oil boosts resiliency while also helping to ward off energy vampires.)
~ SIBERIAN FIR (The oil of aging & perspective; a revitalizing fir scent that relieves brain fog, sluggish energy, and constricted breathing.)
White Willow Bark
Himalayan Pink Salt
Nephrite Jade; Supportive for general health, metabolism, immune system, and the adrenal glands. Helps bacterial and viral infections + stress-related physical conditions.
Works on the underlying reasons for an illness or dis-ease. Also helpful to have when suffering from infertility or any other reproductive issues like PMS or irregular menstruation.
Good for yin/yang balance. Symbolizes the good life, and all of your talents and abilities that will make this good life possible. Helps to deepen your bonds and get rid of grudges.
Enhances psychic abilities while connecting us more clearly with our spirit guides. Boosts awareness and lucid dreams.
Nephrite jade also offers its wearer protection, luck, and prosperity through resourcefulness.
All MtQBwY Potions are consciously crafted then energetically cleansed. Each crystal is re-tuned with high vibrational sound frequencies and then saged.

Gifts from the Earth for our MIND * BODY * SPIRIT
*ABRACADABRA Potion should be used by rolling along the entire length of the spine + bottoms of feet + the front of the neck by the lymph nodes.

Note: The information provided on this post is not intending to imply that this product serves as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. May the Quartz Be with You is not responsible or liable for any advice, course of treatment, diagnosis, or any other information, services, or products that you obtain through this website.